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Asked Questions

Where is the interview conducted? People are most comfortable being interviewed where they live. All we need is a quiet location. Good lighting will contribute to the visual quality.


How long does the interview take? We’ll need about 45 minutes to set up the small professional equipment. The actual interview takes about 1-2 hours, depending on what was arranged. Then another 20 minutes or so to pack up.


What if I want a more extensive biography? An extended or second session can be scheduled for an additional fee.


I’m a bit nervous about the process. How will I know what to say? Your interviewer will guide you with questions.  It will be conducted as a friendly conversation in your living room. Also, we are experienced editors and edit out pauses and repetitions and arrange interview segments in a sequential order so that the interview flows smoothly. Our role is to make you look good and sound good.


Can I be interviewed with another person? Absolutely! Often the request is to interview couples or siblings. Usually, each person is interviewed individually and then a segment where they are interviewed jointly. Pricing is based on the length of the interview(s), not the number of people.


What if I want to avoid discussing certain topics? We will schedule a pre-interview consultation to go over any specific topics you would like to focus on or avoid.


What if I say something I wish I hadn’t? Either during the interview or after you review your interview, you can request any portion to be removed before a final copy is created.


Tell me more about the interviewer. Ed Kaiser & Donna Baiocchi are both friendly, experienced interviewers who will put you at ease right away.  


What do I receive after the interview is over? You will receive two copies of your edited interview in DVD  or flash drive format. If you require further edits or request revisions after the approval copy is finished, then the 2nd DVD or flash drive will be the finalized version.


When will I receive my video? On average, you will receive your video story about 4 weeks after the interview.


Can I get a written transcript of the interview? We will refer you to an experienced transcription service, also bound by a confidentiality agreement, that can provide a written transcript in a reasonable amount of time.


Can I give this as a gift? Absolutely! We have lovely gift certificates available for all of our services.


Is there a guarantee? Yes indeed! We guarantee your satisfaction and confidentiality. References are available on request.


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